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A Juno Award Recap, Best Home Sound Systems

Jul 22, 2020

Juno awards refer to annual awards presented to music bands and artists in Canada as a form of acknowledgement for their technical as well as artistic achievements in music. The first award was given in the year 1970. This year’s Juno awards were to be held on March 15th to mark the 49th award ceremony since its foundation.  The ceremony was to be held in SaskTel Centre in Saskatchewan. However, due to Covid-19, the awards, as well as other events associated with it, were canceled. This was the first Juno Awards cancelation since the year 1988. Winners of the awards were later on announced during a virtual ceremony on June 18th and broadcasted by CBC Television on June 29th, 2020. 

In the competition, there are various categories that nominees were competing for. Some of the winners in the 2020 Juno awards include Avril Lavigne for “Juno Fan Choice” and Billie Eilish for “International Album of The Year”, among others. Viewers were also treated to entertainment performances from the winners of the top awards. The stream by CBC Gem was free and viewers could stream live via several platforms, for instance, the CBC Music website, CBC Music’s Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook pages.

As an increasing number of events are moving online due to COVID-19, high quality streaming capabilities are becoming more important. Viewers need to have better gadgets at home in order to improve their online viewing experience. Having a high quality sound system allows viewers to adjust and control the sound to meet their preferences. The better the system, the more natural the acoustics will sound. Some of the best and most affordable at home sound systems are soundbars like the examples provided below. 

40 W Bluetooth Soundbar with RCA and Optical Connectors

Designed with simplicity, this soundbar comes with various capabilities to enhance a viewer’s experience when enjoying their music and other voice content. It can connect through different interfaces such as RCA, Bluetooth and Optical. It has a 3.5 mm jack in case one needs to connect with a cable and a powerful base with 40W speakers. The speaker runs on AC 100 – 240 V power. This product comes in a portable size of 80 x 8 x 6 cm. The price of this high-quality soundbar is $158.54. 

Bluetooth 5.0 Wall Mounted Soundbar

This Bluetooth enabled soundbar has several desirable features. It supports RCA, Bluetooth, Optical, and has a 3.5 mm jack. It has a rechargeable battery, so it can work even when there is a blackout or when you have an outdoor event. In addition, it has a low speaker power consumption, which gives the rechargeable battery a longer life while in use. The sound system is also portable as its size is 54 x 7.9 x 5.8 cm. The soundbar comes with a mounting kit that can be used to mount it on the wall as desired. The price of this quality product is only $76.98. 

Bluetooth Speaker with Superior Bass and High Definition Sound

The speaker has two interfaces for connectivity, AUX, and Bluetooth. It is a 3.1 channel, meaning it has four channels for better quality and high definition sound. The speakers have low power consumption, 25 W. It supports both AC power and battery power. It’s model is SoundCore Pro+ boasts of exclusive BassUp technology. It has a rich midrange and brilliant highs. Installed with an 8000 mAH battery, it can be powered for up to 18 hours of use. It can also connect virtually with the use of NFC. This superb soundbar retails for $144.24. 

So how do you identify a good or bad sound system and what to Look for when buying?

There are so many products currently on the market and therefore the question of what to look for in a system is often at the forefront of customers’ minds. While it will depend on the customers personal preferences, it is important to consider the following features to determine which ones are valuable to the buyer.

  1. If the customer is planning to use your sound system for outdoor activities, he or she will want to get a product that has:
    – Portability. Portable sound systems are lightweight and compact, so they can easily be carried from place to place.
    – Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth provides the ability to control sounds from one’s gadgets without having physical cables connected.
    – A long battery life. Having a long battery life means you will have many hours of fun playing your favorite music without worrying about power.
  2. If the sound quality is the most important aspect to the customer, he or she will want to consider the range of frequencies that the sound system can play. This is an indicator of the sound quality that the system can emit. Ideally, the spectrum of sound that is audible by people’s ears ranges from 20Hz up to 20000Hz. A good sound system should therefore be capable of emitting any frequency of sound found within the range. If the sound system is not able to emit the whole range, this means that the system will miss some sounds. The greater the frequency range of a system, the more clear the sounds will play. Ideal speakers do not require subwoofers to play sounds with low frequencies.
  3. If the customer would like to use their sound system at large events to reach a larger audience, another very important aspect is the output power, which is normally indicated in Watts. This is a determinant of the pressure of sound emitted by the system in units called decibels, or simply, volume. The recommended amount of output power should be not less than 15W or 20W. This will ensure it generates at least 80dB of volume that can be listened to even in the outdoors.

At All In Audio, we put your preferences first. We have a wide range of high quality and durable sound systems for you to choose from. Visit our online store to view our wide range of quality products. If you have any questions or want to learn more about what products are best for you, please contact us today.

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