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Audio Accessories For Every Lifestyle

Feb 8, 2021

These days, there are so many reasons to get your hands on the best possible headphones and audio gear. While one person works from home, another listens to music to unwind in the other room. You gather with friends for an online gaming session, or you want to listen to some music when you go for a run to reap the health benefits. Ultimately, we all want audio accessories that are reliable and sound great. Whether your way of life involves being a fitness fanatic or a Zoom power user or both! Here are four useful audio accessories for different kinds of lifestyles.

Portable Shower Speaker

If you want to start your day with a burst of invigorating music, or there’s an incoming call you just can’t afford to miss, a Portable Shower Speaker is one accessory that is handy to have. This waterproof Bluetooth speaker enables you to pick up or end a call without ever having to touch your phone. You can also adjust the volume of your playlist with a quick touch of a button. This battery-operated speaker takes up very little space and is suitable for you to use outside the bathroom too. It makes a great addition to your kitchen or poolside–plus, it’s waterproof. It’s also a convenient add-on for any desk. Simply apply the speaker suction cup to any flat surface, and now you have a portable speaker that can’t easily fall or get knocked over.

Bluetooth Earphones

It might be time to put your standard wired pair of headphones aside and make the leap to wireless Bluetooth Earphones. Whether you’re hard at work or just simply playing around, the freedom to move independently from your phone, laptop, or stereo system is liberating. This pair makes our useful audio accessories list because you’ll never have to deal with low or no-battery surprises. The real-time power display tells you exactly where you stand. Plus, when you put these earphones back in their compact case, they start charging right away. Once full, they stop charging automatically, which means you can’t damage the battery by overcharging. Activating them with their easy, one-button “blind press” design will take you from conference calls to hitting the gym without a hitch. 

Adjustable Microphone Stand

Whether you’re giving a formal presentation or hosting your first-ever podcast, we recommend a desktop standing mount to hold your microphone. This Adjustable Microphone Stand comes with a filter that is user-friendly and won’t break the bank. If clear, hands-free audio is what you’re after, this tripod microphone stand will get the job done. It’s almost too easy to adjust it to your comfortable height. The filter will reduce background noise and screen out sounds like fast-moving air on the microphone for a crisp yet realistic audio experience.  

Bluetooth Headphones with Waterproof Neck Strap

Maybe you want to listen (or talk) while running, rain or shine. Or perhaps you prefer not to keep track of independent earbuds. Bluetooth headphones with a Waterproof Neck Strap (aka, “neck buds”) are a versatile solution. This set has a long battery life (eight hours of continuous music), effective noise cancellation, and HD quality for both calls and music makes it a solid choice for any audiophile. Active people tend to prefer these headphones because they stay in place during even the most high-intensity workouts. It’s been scientifically proven that music can enhance your performance during your gym sessions. With that in mind, it’s worth investing in a pair of distraction-free headphones you can enjoy wearing. Just be sure to listen at a safe volume and stay aware of your surroundings.

You can learn about even more useful audio accessories for any circumstances and lifestyle by reading our guide to Essential Audio Accessories or start to equip yourself with new gear from our online shop. We offer a wide range of audio products varying in prices, designs, and features. You can tune in with the best quality by visiting All in Audio today to find more audio accessories that are geared towards you.

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