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Becoming A Podcast Producer – What You’ll Need

Jul 15, 2021

To start off, a podcast is just a digital audio file available for download on the internet and it’s typically available as series, where subscribers can automatically receive new episodes. Some podcasts even include videos, for better visual and engagement (often termed a vodcast). Many podcasts are free but due to the rising popularity, there are now some podcasts that you must pay for, although relatively inexpensive. In order to become a podcast producer, remember that the purpose of a podcast is to entertain, humour, or educate. The increasing popularity can be linked to the fact that podcasts are easy to access, they are typically on-demand (listen to what you want), and they are multi-task friendly. Think about how popular radio once was – podcasts are getting there.

Tools You’ll Need to Become a Podcast Producer


The most obvious tool that you’ll be using is a computer, but that’s just the start. There are other essential pieces of equipment that you’ll need to become a full-functioning podcast producer. The most important piece of equipment is a good microphone. A pop filter isn’t as important but will make a difference in user experience. Additionally, having a mic that can stand on its own and a suspension boom is key. This will make you feel more comfortable and keep your hands free. Good audio quality is a major factor for listeners. No one will listen to your podcasts if they can’t hear you clearly. Speaking of audio quality, purchase a good set of headphones so that you can hear the speaker. Whether that’s you, a co-host, or a guest speaker, it’s always a good idea to complete sound checks prior and you’ll need headphones to do just that.


Now that we’ve taken care of the hardware, let’s talk about the software you’ll need to become a podcast producer. First things first – you need a way to edit your audio. You’ll want to edit your audio to remove any distracting background noises, add sound effects or even just to increase the volume and the clarity of your voice. There are apps like Adobe Audition or Garage Band (for Mac), which are both popular options. You may want to choose software that’s very user-friendly if you don’t plan on making any major edits. The last thing to think about is podcast hosting. A podcast host can store and distribute your podcast’s audio files. They can charge anywhere between $5 to $50 per month. So choose wisely based on your needs, the frequency of your podcasts and any other criteria you may be looking out for.

Becoming A Podcast Producer

To get started, you’ll most likely want headphones that offer a noise-cancelling feature, to prevent external disturbances and distortions from interfering with your podcast. The IKOLE ANC Noise Cancelling Headphones are foldable, stylish and comfortable to wear. Feel free to plug in an auxiliary cord or go unwired with its Bluetooth capabilities. It’s simple to use and has 100 hours of standby time. It takes 2 hours to completely charge and allows 10 hours of listening time.

A microphone that comes with a tripod is recommended to start off. However, if you want to invest a little more money, you may want to splurge on a suspension boom. A suspension boom can save you some desk space in tight quarters and make it easier to transport. Regardless, this USB Studio Microphone provides great sound with adjustable volume and a headphone output. The USB interface is compatible with modern Windows devices and provides clear and accurate sound. It comes with a magnifier shock-proof shelf, a small tripod, and a USB audio cable. Pair this with your headphones and you’re ready to become a podcast producer.

Audio Accessories & More

Podcasts are great for entertainment and people have grown to love them for many reasons. Instead of watching TV or reading a book, people have opted for podcasts because of their convenience. When you’re listening to a podcast, your hands aren’t occupied as they would be during a video game. You don’t strain your eyes like you would from watching TV or surfing the internet. Listeners use podcasts to become more educated, discover entertainment, or just listening to a thought-provoking conversation. The time to become a podcast producer is now. If you’re looking for podcast equipment, All In Audio has got you covered. All In Audio is a Canadian company that strives to fulfill your audio needs. They deliver high-quality audio gear straight to your doorsteps. They offer various audio techs including audio apparel, computer speakers, home audio equipment and more. Shop at All In Audio today to stay tuned.

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