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Which Headphones Are Right for You?

Sep 10, 2020

If you’re in the market for some new headphones, you might be realizing that there are so many different types available in both retail and ecommerce electronics stores. They come in a variety of configurations: wired, wireless, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi enabled and more. So the question is: how do you choose the right ones for you?

At All in Audio, our mission is to help customers identify the best headphones for their listening needs. In this blog, we’ll review the most popular headphone types and recommend some products that are sure to deliver a premium sound experience wherever you are.


On-ear headphones are designed to fit lightly on your ears. They are held in place by a headband that goes behind your head or over it. Although larger than earbuds, they are fairly portable and let you enjoy your audio without background noise interrupting the listening experience. If you’re a transcriptionist, your on-ear headphones may become your new best friend.

We recommend the following on-ear headphones:


Over-ear headphones are the original headset. Being the largest type, they cup your ear snugly and envelop you in sound, which is why most music producers and sound engineers use them exclusively in the studio. The best ones are lightly padded for maximum wearing comfort.

If you’re looking for quality over-ear headphones, we recommend:

  • Over Ear Styled Wired Headphones: If you’re a hardcore gamer, these wired headphones with built-in microphone and volume control will add an extra layer of fun and intensity when you’re online.
  • Professional Stereo Headphones: If you work in the music industry or music is simply your passion, these pro-quality wired headphones are made for Hi-Fi excellence.


Also known as in-ear headphones or earphones, earbuds come standard with most smartphones, MP3 players, and other audio devices. Due to their small size, they are the most portable headphone you can buy, and their noise isolation is excellent because you place them directly in your ears.

We suggest that you try:

  • High Bass Stereo Earphones with Microphone: Love bass in your audio? These wired earbuds immerse you so deeply in sound that you can practically feel it. They are great for workouts when you want to get the blood pumping.


With Bluetooth headphones, you can connect to your Bluetooth-enabled audio device (no wires necessary) and stream your favourite music, audiobook, or podcast etc. Enjoy superior-quality audio while revelling in the freedom of not being tethered to your phone or audio player.

Ready to go wireless? We suggest:


Noise-cancelling headphones eliminate audio distractions around you, like chatting coworkers or the neighbour’s barking dog, so you can focus on what you’re doing or listening to. There are two types: active noise-cancelling, which uses sound to cancel out unwanted background noise, and passive noise reduction, which insulates your ears against these distractions.

If you want to banish interruptions while at work or play, we suggest:

You may need to try out a few different headphone types before you find one that’s right for you, but all the auditioning will be worth it. Once you find a set that’s comfortable, delivers terrific sound, and is in your ideal price range, you likely won’t go anywhere without them.

At All in Audio, we have headphones that meet a wide range of user needs, preferences, and lifestyles. Please visit our online store to see what we have available. If you have any questions about any of the headphones we sell, please contact us.

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