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Why Everyone Needs Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Mar 3, 2020

Sound, as you already know, is important in all of our lives. One aspect of sound is music. Music is an art form that the vast population of the world appreciates and enjoys and for good reason. Music can improve your mood, lighten the atmosphere and make things just a lot more fun and enjoyable. Whether you’re listening to music with headphones or from a wired speaker, music is a pleasure no matter what. In recent years however bluetooth speakers have become a popular item with their functionality and myriad of benefits of general speakers. Maybe you’ve already got one, but if not here are five reasons why everyone needs portable bluetooth speakers (including you)!

  • Wireless

Wires have always been a pain and when a product goes wireless it makes things so much easier. Remember corded telephones or when wireless internet wasn’t a thing? Now that we have things like that our lives are more enriched and easier. This same principal applies to speakers. Wired-in speakers like those of a home system are limited to only one location where sound can be played. A portable wired speaker solves this problem as it can be used everywhere, but what if you forget the cord or the cable doesn’t work with the music playing device. Well, with a portable bluetooth speaker all these problems can easily be solved. Bluetooth speakers are not limited to one place, neither do they require any kinds of cords. All you need to get playing your favourite songs is your phone, that’s it. Of course you need a phone with bluetooth (hence the name bluetooth speaker), but pretty much all smartphones have them these days. No longer will you be restricted by cords and the downside that come with them, instead you will be empowered by the wireless compatibility. 

  • Great sound quality

While being wireless is cool and all, you would think due to being cordless there would be a detrimental loss of sound quality compared to that of a traditional wired speaker. This is like internet: wireless internet has amazing functionality, but as all gamers and tech enthusiasts know, wired internet is much faster and reliable. Well with bluetooth speakers there is no significant loss of sound quality in comparison to wired alternatives, in fact the audio that is produced from a lot of bluetooth speakers is absolutely amazing and won’t disappoint you. So with bluetooth speakers not only are you getting something to take anywhere, you are getting a speaker that sounds great as well. To further clarify however, not all bluetooth speakers will sound incredible. There are a decent amount of poorly made ones on the market but as long as you buy from a trusted retailer (like Allinaudio), you will be satisfied. 

  • Portable

As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, bluetooth speakers are very portable. Most bluetooth speakers can fit in the size of your hand and can very easily be transported. They are also very portable due to not needing any cords or having to be plugged into the wall. Due to this portability, bluetooth speakers are especially great for travelling, camping and outdoors, going to a friends house, and at a party. No longer do you have to listen to music from speakers in one area of your house, with a bluetooth speaker wherever you go your music comes with you. Bluetooth speakers can easily be chucked in a bag or a purse and be with you anytime you need them; who knows the next time you might want to bust a jam? If you do this you will never forget a speaker wherever you go and will be able to play music no matter where you are. Phones going portable has made our lives so much easier so why not do the same with speakers and give a bluetooth speaker a try.

  • Affordable

Now you might think that with this integrated bluetooth technology and having no wires that bluetooth speakers would be way out of your price range. However, most bluetooth speakers are extremely affordable no matter how much you earn. In fact they can and have even been cheaper than wired options. If you want a bit more of an investment there are expensive options out there as well made by respected brands such as Bose. As previously mentioned however, many bluetooth speakers have good sound quality so you shouldn’t need to burn a whole in your pocket to get something reasonable. The low price is due to many companies producing them which causes a lot of competition to get the prices low. So you may as well make the most of this and pick up one for a low cost like the ones here at Allinaudio. Not only are they low cost, but they have great sound quality and portability as well.

  • Easy to use

Wires can make things either very simple to use or very hard to use. With a lot of wired speakers out there they are generally easy to use. Since bluetooth speakers are not wired you might think that the connection process could be cumbersome and difficult with technical knowledge needed. Luckily bluetooth speakers are extremely easy to use and connect to. The process is so easy that I can describe it right here. Just turn the speaker on and press the bluetooth button, then press the bluetooth menu on your phones settings and tap the button the has your speaker. Then when you start playing music on your phone it will come from your speaker! It’s simply that easy. Most bluetooth speakers also have a minimal amount of buttons and settings so setting them up us a breeze. One of the only downsides that comes with bluetooth speakers is that you need to charge them due to being cordless. Fortunately, most use a simple micro-usb cord to charge which makes charging a breeze. Most are very power friendly and efficient so you shouldn’t need to charge them too often like your phone. Even if you play a lot of music on it, it should take a fair while until you have to charge it again. 

All in all, bluetooth speakers are a no-brainer if you are even remotely into music. They have far more functionality than wired speakers and are great to have in your house or to have on the go. They do not need any kind of cords, have great sound quality, are very portable, are affordable to anyone and are simple and easy to use. With this array of features and qualities if you don’t have a bluetooth speaker then you definitely need one. At Allinaudio we have a great, substantial range of bluetooth speakers at a price you will be pleasantly surprised by. Not only do we provide bluetooth speaker option that will barely set you back, but all our speakers sound great as well. So whether you want one for at home or to bring to a party, we have got you covered.

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