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Why Sound is Important in Our Lives

Jan 18, 2020

Sound, what would we do without it? Sound enhances our lives in an amazing number of ways that most people take for granted. Sound is one of our greatest senses and in this article we are going to show you five reasons sound is important in our lives. 

  1. Music

Music is one of the greatest artforms on our planet. Music brings joy to billions across the globe and is something that nearly all can appreciate and love. Without our sense of sound however, music would cease to exist. Music is simply an arrangement of sound waves, but to us, it is so much more. Music lets people be creative and make beautiful compositions. Music brings hope and joy to listeners when they are feeling down. Music unites people from different cultures and worldviews. To sum it up, music is an amazing part of living on this planet.

  • Verbal communication

Verbal communication is what has enabled humans to work together and create wonderful things. Without communication, society as we know it today would be drastically different. Communication allows us humans to share knowledge, create things as a team and connect with others. All of this verbal communication is caused by sound, the sounds we form with our mouths. While a lot of communication these days is done through text in the form of emails and social media, verbal communication is still the best way to interact with others. All in all, verbal communication is an essential part of life that has advanced our society and technology greatly. Through language, we have been able to share stories and knowledge which has been passed down through decades. All of this happens because we have the ability to hear and make sound; this is why it is incredibly important.

  • Movies 

While most of the reasons for the importance of sound are for the general real world, sound is also important digitally as well; one example of this is movies. Movies haven’t always had sound and most people these days don’t realise what movies are like without it. Sound brings movies to a whole new level in terms of immersiveness and depth. It makes movies more realistic and easier to resonate with. Sound is very important in movies as it is used for dialogue, music, sound effects, and ambient noise. Without sound, movies would not be as lifelike and captivating as they are today. Audible spoken dialogue makes the characters more authentic and believable. The tone and genre of music sets the mood for the scene and can help emphasise emotions. Finally, the sound effects and ambient noise are generally not noticed in movies, but without them every scene would feel slightly off and not true to life. All these features from sound in movies truly show how greatly important it is. Movies would be nowhere near as realistic and captivating if there was no sound which is why it is so great to have it in our lives.

  • Safety

Imagine a life without sound and all the possible dangers that come with it. You wouldn’t be able to hear cars coming, warning sirens or any kind of fire or fire alarm. Simply put, being able to hear and produce sound makes us and others a lot safer in our daily lives. One example (as mentioned previously) is fires and fire alarms. A lot of the time fires go off while people are sleeping and can be easily be not noticed, this is why we have fire alarms. Fire alarms, when smoke is detected, emit loud beeps to wake members of the household so that they can get out and be safe. Because of fire alarms, countless lives have been saved and many more to come. Since fire alarms rely exclusively on sound to alert people, without sound they would be very ineffective. The other example is cars. Whether you are a pedestrian crossing the street or a driver behind the wheel, sound helps out incredibly when dealing with moving cars. Purely through good hearing we are able to detect if there are any cars and if so what direction and distance they are; imagine if we didn’t have this at all. Because of this ability to sense where sound is coming from, we can travel far safer on the road and cross it more securely. While many unfortunately die from car related deaths every year, consider how many more it would be if we didn’t have the gift of sound. Overall, sound ensures that we are a lot safer in many circumstances. It can alert us and tell us the general location of an object so that we can stay safer and more secure wherever we go.

  • A more enhanced sense of the world

While sound has many benefits to us like increasing safety and providing verbal communication, it also just gives us a better experience and enhanced sense of the world. Sound allows us to live deeper, richer and more meaningful lives and is one of the five senses that most wouldn’t give up for anything. Sound allows us to enjoy and appreciate so many amazing things that we have on our planet and makes living a much more pleasurable time. Whether it is the sound of birds chirping in the early morning or the rain hitting the ground, sound invites so much depth and little joyful moments into our lives. 

Sound is not important in our lives, it is incredibly important in our lives. Sound is a sense that improves and enriches every life on this planet and brings so much joy and functionality to all of us. Why is sound important? Well it enables us to create and listen to music, communicate verbally with others, enjoy more realistic movies, increase our safety, and it gives us a more enhanced sense of the world. So next time you hear anything that cheers you up, whether it’s birds singing or a joyful song, be grateful for our ability to hear and create sound.

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