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Audio Accessories For Your Music Setup

Apr 20, 2021

Hardcore rock, smooth jazz, hip hop, EDM, slow blues are just some of the different music genres out there. What do they all have in common? Every genre of music deserves to be heard through great audio quality. Good audio quality makes all the difference. Ultimately, you really can’t tell the difference until you put on a good pair of headsets and hear notes you didn’t before. Music can convey so many life lessons, emotions and stories. Real music enthusiasts don’t discriminate when it comes to music. They tend to enjoy all kinds and appreciate the music for what it is. Whether you’re making music or listening to music we know that quality is the most important. Here is our list of high-quality audio accessories you should consider.

Sound & Audio Accessories to Buy

Ikole Noise Cancelling Headphones: These headphones are fairly priced unlike other headphones in the market. After all, what’s a better way to enjoy music besides listening to it with some peace and quiet? This headset has hybrid active noise cancellation technology that blocks unwanted background noise for your enjoyment. It takes only 2 hours to fully charge and has a listening time of 10 hours. Volume control, an adjustable headband, line-in function and Bluetooth are all additional features of these headphones. It’s the perfect audio accessory for listening to good quality music.

Vocal Recording Microphone: Although we all have to struggle with hearing our recorded voices for the first time. The condenser microphone was specially made for different occasions such as recording studios, stage performances and even radio stations. It’s an excellent choice for voice restoration and voice pick-up. Its frequency range is 30-20000hz, with low-frequency attenuation and 48V phantom power supply. The microphone comes in black or gold. It’s a hanging microphone style perfect for your next recording session.

Computer Speakers: When your masterpiece is ready, you’ll want to hear it. Blast away with these aesthetically pleasing computer speakers. It has wooden accents and a geometric shape that’ll complement your desk area. These computer speakers have built-in noise cancellation and the USB and audio jack plug is compatible with most devices. The frequency response is 100Hz to 20KHz, it’s waterproof and supports memory cards. These computer speakers are awesome audio accessories to add to your workstation.

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Music is essential in the sense that it can be incorporated into every aspect of your life. Whether you’re listening to sad songs while getting over a breakup or hype songs to stay active. It’s something we take for granted. Above all, music is appreciated in every culture and religion and plays a large part in expanding our creativity. When you’re looking for sound and audio accessories, look no further than All In Audio. All In Audio sells budget-friendly and high-quality sound equipment that fits your lifestyle. They offer free shipping on orders over $100 for your convenience. Shop at All In Audio today for all of your music setup needs.

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