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Purchase Audio Apparel For Everyday Use

Mar 26, 2021

Wearables are all the rage right now as they serve the purpose of fulfilling multiple needs of the consumer all at once. Some want them just for fitness purposes while others like the versatility and portability they offer. Audio apparel is a type of wearable technology that relates to clothing and fashion. Its main purpose is to provide you with a new method to answering calls wirelessly or listening to music during your morning run while replacing another item you have to wear. This provides the user with user convenience and functionality at the same time. 

These clothing items have Bluetooth-enabled speakers and microphones embedded in them. They allow you to stay connected with your phone at all times even when you aren’t holding it in your hand. So, if you hate earphones and don’t like carrying around a portable speaker then you should consider buying yourself some audio apparel. In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of audio apparel available in the market right now. Let’s tune in.

Bluetooth Gloves

Have you ever tried using your Smartphone while wearing gloves? It doesn’t work, right? Well, what if you had gloves that allow you to touch your phone’s screen and use it without encountering any issues? This is exactly what Bluetooth Gloves can offer you. These touch screen gloves let you use your phone while wearing gloves. So, you won’t have to pull your finger out of your gloves in the freezing cold each time you want to use your phone.

That’s not all. This amazing product also lets you attend calls wirelessly and listen to your favourite music without having to touch the phone. It allows you to answer and hang-up calls with the touch of a button on the back of the glove. You can also pause and play music with controls embedded near the call answer or hang-up button. This audio apparel keeps you connected to your phone via Bluetooth and offers up to 6 hours of talk time.

Bluetooth Headwear Strap

Do you get calls while doing your morning run? Answering them can be a hassle even if you are wearing headphones. Also, you will have to take out your phone and interrupt your jog to attend the call anyway. With the Bluetooth Headwear Strap, you get a fashionable and functional solution for this problem. It allows you to answer calls hands-free without having to interrupt your run. You will just have to touch a button on your headwear strap to attend the call.

This headwear strap comes in a variety of colours and is made up of a comfortable knitted material. It has music controls available on the front. You can play or pause your music whenever you want by simply touching a button. The Bluetooth speaker embedded inside the cloth will let you blast all the tunes available on your phone. It can remain operational for up to 3.5 hours if used continuously. You can throw the headwear strap in your laundry basket and wash it with ease too. 

Bluetooth Winter Hat

Winters can be very cold and hats are a common way of protecting your head from the chilly winds. But, what if the hat doesn’t just keep you warm? What if, the hat allows you to play and pause your music or attend calls wirelessly? Wouldn’t that be cool? If you think so then the Bluetooth Winter Hat is the ideal audio apparel for you. It enables you to answer calls made to your phone via an inbuilt microphone inside the hat.

This winter hat doubles up as a cool clothing item as well as a Bluetooth speaker. It comes with a Lithium-Ion battery that can be recharged using a Micro USB cable. You can use this amazing product to have a Bluetooth hands-free conversation of up to 6 hours. Also, it is compatible with most phones. So, you won’t have any trouble connecting it with your Smartphone. The hat is washable as well but do keep in mind that you will have to take out the speakers and volume controls before washing.

To sum it up, audio apparel is an exciting concept and its emergence is making life even easier for everyone. Now, you can attend calls on the go and play your music whenever you want with the convenience of wearing your gear. You can take your portable speakers with you wherever you go with ease. If you are interested in these ground-breaking products then visit All in Audio. Finally, you can tune in without sacrificing warmth or your exercise regime.

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