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Bluetooth and Portable Speakers: Choosing The Right Speaker For You

Nov 10, 2020

When you’re listening to your favourite song, poor sound quality is a major buzzkill. Suddenly you don’t feel quite so energized on your run anymore. Same thing happens if you’re an audiobook fan: too much static and you’ll be hunting around for a real book.

The bad news is that smartphones and tablets aren’t the best devices for playing audio. Even when they do deliver a semi-decent audio quality, the sound doesn’t carry as far. The good news is that you can rev up a party without relying on bulky, wired speakers that limit your choice of playing zone. Bluetooth and portable speakers  let you enjoy superior sound quality wherever you go and in a variety of environments. 

The Advantage of Bluetooth

The main advantage of Bluetooth speakers is their portability. They are so small and lightweight that you can easily listen to music and other audio anywhere you want and even share the experience with friends.

Other benefits include:

Have a party anytime and anywhere. Are you going camping or planning to spend an afternoon at the park? Bluetooth speakers are great for outdoor use. Fire up your device and get the party started, even in the rain! (Just get a waterproof model!)

They pack a big sound. When you’ve got Bluetooth on your side, size really doesn’t matter. At All in Audio, we sell speakers that fit in your hand but deliver concert quality sound. 

They’re surprisingly affordable. You can find Bluetooth speakers to meet most budgets. Even the most basic device can play premium-quality audio.

They’re energy-efficient. Despite their amazing sound delivery, Bluetooth speakers are highly energy-efficient. A good rechargeable battery can play audio continuously for hours, making them an excellent investment.

No installation necessary. Portable Bluetooth speakers have no installation requirements. You don’t need to untangle a jungle of wires and set them up before you can start enjoying your music.

Choosing the Right Speaker

The right Bluetooth speaker for you will depend on your budget, preferred features, and how or where you want to use it. At All in Audio, our extensive range of portable speakers include:

Portable Shower Speaker: If you like to start your day with a long and relaxing shower, this waterproof portable speaker will let you listen to the news or your morning playlist until the water runs cold! 

Small Subwoofer Mini Portable Wireless Speaker: Made from light aluminum alloy, this micro-sized subwoofer has a sleek silhouette that blends with any home or office decor. It can play audio up to 46 hours straight on a full charge and you can even use it to make hands-free calls.

Portable Mushroom Speaker: This uniquely-shaped Bluetooth speaker comes in a variety of colours, from basic black to rose pink and lime green. The suction cup at the bottom lets it attach snugly to most surfaces and even serve as a secure phone stand while it plays music at a transmission distance of up to 10 metres.

Outdoor Mini Portable Wireless Speaker: This compact outdoor speaker was built for travel- it even has a wrist loop! Despite its compact size, It delivers full-range audio with pro-quality bass and includes a memory card slot so you can listen to music even when you’re taking an Internet break at the cottage.

Retro Radio Style Small Portable Speaker: If you love retro, you won’t want to pass up on this Bluetooth speaker, which is designed to look like an old-fashioned radio. Crafted from natural cherry wood, it combines yesteryear with the future, resulting in a sound experience you’ll want to repeat again and again.

These are only examples of the bestselling Bluetooth speakers that we carry at All in Audio. We are always adding exciting new products with increasingly powerful features, so be sure to visit our website regularly. 

What’s the bottom line?Bluetooth technology is now an integral part of our home, office, and leisure communications, which is why it is developing at lightspeed. At All in Audio, we pledge to bring audio fans the latest and greatest, so you can count on a quality purchase every time. If you have any questions before placing an order, our customer service team is here to help, so please contact us.

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