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Essential Audio Accessories

Nov 24, 2020

It doesn’t matter whether you use your audio tech to listen to music, support necessary job functions, or build your career as an aspiring YouTube star: there are essential audio accessories that make the experience even more relaxing or successful. At All in Audio, we’ve got accessories that boost sound quality, provide high-speed connection to your different devices, and turn any available surface into a home studio.

The Audio Accessories You Need

So how can you make an already-stellar sound experience even better? We recommend the following essential audio accessories, all of which can contribute to a more productive workday or make a great evening with friends even better.

Wood Grain Portable Speaker: Portable enough to carry in your purse or briefcase and stylish enough to blend into most office decor, this wood grain portable speaker packs a lot of sound power in a small package. It uses leading-edge HiFi sound technology to play clear audio and can double as an FM radio when you need the latest weather or traffic report.

Portable Crackle Style Bluetooth Speaker: Late night study session? Getting ready for an evening out with friends? This colourful crackle style Bluetooth speaker plays audio for up to two hours on a single charge, making it perfect for those brief activities that are made better by music. There are different colours to choose from, so pick the one that compliments your decor.

Computer Microphone: Turn your laptop into a workstation anytime and anywhere by hooking up this sleek and portable microphone. Its noise-cancelling quality keeps background hum at bay and keeps your voice front and centre during video chats and recording sessions. You can clip the microphone to your shirt or use the stand: either way, you’ll love the results!

Adjustable Microphone Stand with Filter: If you record professionally, either on YouTube or as a voiceover artist, this adjustable microphone stand with filter will help you achieve career-changing results. The tripod-style stand keeps the mike firmly in place while the filter enables a clearer and superior-quality recording. It’s also portable, so you can set up shop wherever your business takes you.

Electronic Accessories Case: When you’re on the road or traveling from home to office, this electronic accessories case will keep your cables, chargers, power banks, and portable hard drives well-organized and easy to retrieve once you reach your destination. As an added bonus, there’s even a storage pocket for iPad Mini users! You’ll never leave home without your essential audio accessories again.

More Tips for Great Audio

Have you set up your office or listening room with the right accessories? Here are some additional tips for achieving out-of-this-world audio quality:

Upgrade your headphones: Investing in new headphones or earbuds is one of the easiest ways to improve the listening experience. All in Audio has Bluetooth models available so that you’re not tethered to your desk during a call or while your playlist does its magic.

Adjust the settings on your streaming service: Most streaming services let you adjust the playback quality. For example, Spotify can stream at a 320 kbps “Extreme Quality” setting. Check the settings of your favourite service to confirm.

Improve room acoustics: Room acoustics have a key effect on sound quality. When you carefully control how sound is absorbed by softer surfaces and bounced off harder ones in the room, you can get pro-quality results.

Place your speakers strategically: With all stereo systems, speaker placement is critical. The wrong layout can warp tonal accuracy, so follow seller recommendations regarding positioning for best audio quality.

Go wireless for open floor plans: If you have an open-concept home or office, tethered stereos won’t deliver consistently smooth sound across the entire space. Set up wireless ceiling speakers for a more pleasing audio experience. 

What’s the bottom line?There are so many fantastic audio devices on the market, and pairing them with the right accessories will bring the output and functionality to a whole new level. At All in Audio, we know that audio technology is a key part of our leisure and professional communications, which is why you can always count on a quality purchase from us. For more information or to speak to a customer service representative, please contact us.

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