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Dec 18, 2020

Short clips, music videos, recordings, and performances can be recorded from the comfort of your home. To have your performances recorded, a room is set apart for the show. The studio is then loaded with essential tools for the recordings. These tools include microphones, speakers, cables, and so on. Home recording equipment are electronic gadgets for recording at home. They are useful tools in the recording of musical sounds, sound mixing, audio productions, movies, and short clips. 

5 Best Home Recording Equipment Pieces

1. Computer Speaker With Wooden Accent

This is a classic desktop computer speaker. The speakers are two and are placed on both sides of the computer. They thus transmit sounds from left to right in a high-quality way. The speakers come with an builtin noise-canceling panel, further enhancing the sound production. It is very compatible with most devices; laptops, TC, and PCs. 

2. Phone And Computer Studio Recording

This is home recording equipment with a large diaphragm and clear sound. Its noise-canceling technology is super sensitive enough to pick up noises from both sides and squash them. Its sound is top-notch with its heavy bass and silk treble. One more amazing feature the device has is its compatibility with phones. It works smoothly with phones, tablets, and PCs. The voice restores chip makes it the perfect recording tool for live broadcasts, video talks, studio mix, and recorded broadcasts. 

3. Adjustable Microphone Stand with Filter

This is a desktop standing mount for the microphone. The purpose is to reduce the stress of holding the microphone while recording. This adjustable microphone stand comes with a filter. Unlike the common microphone stand, this product is unique with its filter. The filter helps to throw off noise or sound disturbances caused by the breeze of any other background activities.

4. Bass Stereo Bluetooth Headphone

Headphones are a must in your home recording equipment. You hear your recording better when you listen to them through headphones. The bass stereo bluetooth is over-ear headphones that give quality sound. It is compatible with most devices except Xbox One and PS4. It has a healthy battery lifespan, working uninterrupted for 6-8 hours.

5. Cable bags

Cable bags are also important home recording equipment. They make carrying around and storing your cables and other accessories easy. This particular product is lightweight and compact with durable rigid shell coverings. Although it is cute, it comes with a large inner space for cable earphones storage, wire plugs storage. It is shockproof, EVA crush and abrasion-resistant. 

Hobbies and jobs that require quality home recording equipment

If there’s any lesson to be learned from the year 2020, it is that every business and hobby should have a home base. With the lockdown, most companies were forced to either close-down or operate from home. While experts foresee the situation extending through 2021, it is safe to say home is where the heart is. Now is probably the best time to pick up that hobby you neglected. Whatever your choice of hobby or even work, if it has anything to do with recording, then you should know it is possible to have your hobby right at home with you! You just set up your studio nicely and have fun. Here is a list of hobbies and jobs that requires home recording equipment:

  • Artists: Musicians, Actors/Actresses
  • Online tutors
  • Podcasters
  • Advertising firms
  • Bloggers

Essential home recording equipment

For a quality recording at home, you will need:

Computer: An excellent computer with a large storage capacity is an essential home recording tool to have.

Microphones: These are needed as backup vocal sound. They give your voice additional volume, so you don’t have to scream when recording.

Digital Audio Workstation(DAW): These include Pro Tools, Cubase, Ableton, Logic. Using these with your computer is quite a useful recording tool. 

Filters:  The singular work of the filter is to block out sound. With these products, you can be assured of a smooth recording.

Studio Headphones (Speakers): Speakers are needed for quality sound production during recordings. With these gadgets, you get to enjoy the silkiness of treble, the supersonic tone in the bass.

Cables: Cables are wires. They are needed to connect the devices: computer to the speaker, USB to laptop…

Audio Interfaces: They are useful tools for vocal recording 

Studio Monitors: They are speakers in pairs. An excellent product to get is the  Computer Speaker With Wooden Accent with its double speakers.

Frequently Asked Questions.

* What do I need to start my home recording?

You need home recording equipment such as a computer, speakers, filters, microphones, DAW, cables, studio monitors. 

* Who can record at home?

Anyone can record at home given the right tools. Artists, performers, online tutors, bloggers all need their home recording equipment.  

Why should I record at home?

Kanye West and a host of celebrities have their home recording studios. Most times, the star is born at home. The people we celebrate are those who have taken time to drill themselves in rigorous home routines. So, why not work on your imperfections at home and show the world the perfections you created!


As long as you have space for a desk and a chair, you’re ready to set up the foundation of your home studio. Home recording equipment is made readily available for use at reasonable prices. They are handy, efficient, and durable recording tools. Visit All In Audio today to start building your home studio!

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